Raw Organic Nuts

Yolo Farmstand offers the best walnuts, almonds, and roasted almonds in California! There are no additives in any of our raw organic nuts such as sugar, oil, or salt, to provide the most healthy and natural flavor. Rest assured that all our organic nuts come from selectively chosen northern California farms for the richest quality and taste. Yolo Farmstand directly delivers these nuts to temperature-controlled storage for optimum freshness before lovingly packaging them to be delivered to your door.

Buy organic raw walnuts online that are shelled and halved for your consumption by hand, in salads, on top of oatmeal, in cereals, or in baked goods. Our sugar free walnuts are versatile and taste wonderful alone as a high-energy snack or mixed into sweet or savory dishes.

Buy organic raw almonds online to be eaten by hand! Our sugar free almonds are an easy, nutrient-packed snack that can be enjoyed between meals or added to other dishes. Organic raw almonds are a great and healthy way to increase your antioxidants and vitamin E intake.

Buy our organic roasted almonds online for a crunchier texture and improved flavor to raw almonds. Without added sugar, oil, or salt, you can enjoy our healthy roasted almonds that have an enhanced toasted flavor. These roasted almonds are great for savory snacking and appetizers, making a wonderful pairing for cheese, chocolate, espresso, sparkling wine, and much more. While great for sharing with friends, our roasted almonds are so delicious that you may want to keep them to yourself!