"Yolo" is for Yolo County, California

My dad George grew up in Yolo County in the 1930’s. The little town of Woodland is about 35 miles west of Sacramento and was  small enough that my dad could ride his bike backward down Main Street with no danger to himself or the other three Georges he rode with. “Be back by dinner” was the only rule my dad had to live by. Dinner was a feast of fried chicken, homemade bread, pickled everything from the garden, watermelon and pie for dessert. His mom, my Grandma Aggie, used to cut a pie in exact fourths for her family of 4. She used walnuts and raisins in all her baking and always had a large jar of almonds on her back porch. After their big meal, the family napped.  California evenings stretch out warm and still until past nine at night, so there was plenty of time to get back on the bike or go fishing. This is their house as it looks now.

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